Outlook Add-on

Everything you need to know about how GO digital and Outlook Add-on works.

Often there is in need for a quick and easy way to upload files recieved on emails, and this can now be solved with the brand new GO digital Outlook Add-on.

Open your Outlook and click the Get Add-ins button in Outlook navigation bar. Then type in GO digital in the search field and click on the blue add button.

When the add-on is installed, you should see a GO digital button on the right side in the Outlook navigation bar.

When ever your in a email with attachements, you can now upload this files directly to your GO digital file managment solution. And you can even create new folders if needed.

When you open the GO digtial add-on the first time you get promt to enter your username and password, this is the same as you use to log into GO digital web application. When your loged in you should see all your folders listed.

Under all your folders you will see a list of files, this is the files attached to your email and you can select the files you wanna upload.

Be aware the all files gets uploaded to the folder your currently in!